Titanium Economy

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Few sectors have been counted out like the American Industrial Sector. While the pundits detail every action taken by social media titans, they’ve ignored the story of the Titanium Economy. In The Titanium Economy, Fernweh Group CEO, Nick Santhanam, and Aynai.AI President and CEO, Gaurav Batra, along with McKinsey North America Managing Partner, Asutosh Padhi reveal the key lessons from their conversations with shining stars in the Titanium Economy that each have created immense value for their employees, investors, and communities.

Praise for The Titanium Economy

“Underappreciated, undervalued, and misunderstood: The new fortune in the Titanium
“Investors are learning to love industry again”
“A thriving manufacturing sector is already boosting local economies throughout the U.S.–but it’s often overlooked. Meet the ‘Titanium Economy’.“
“This book not only amplifies how important manufacturing is to national success, but it also inspires the reader to innovate for customer and stockholder value while advocating for a more adaptive, sustainable planet.”
—David Burritt, president and CEO, US Steel