Fernweh’s G-49 Summit equips Industrials for value creation
October 6, 2023

SAN JOSE, CA – Leaders and influencers from the industrial sector who participated in Fernweh Group’s 2023 G-49 Summit last month are better positioned to shape a future with room for both profitability and growth. The summit, held in California’s Napa Valley on September 28–29, 2023, addressed macroeconomic conditions affecting industrial companies and the ways resilient companies are navigating change. 60+ CXOs, senior leaders, and investors from industrials sector in the US heard presentations from 15 experts and industry veterans and shared ideas in breakout sessions.

The 2023 G-49 Summit covered several key themes:

  • Recent rises in inflation and interest rates (the two I’s)
  • Protecting value creation while dealing with inflation
  • Measures for keeping ahead with disruptive technologies, innovation, and sustainability
  • Impact of geopolitics on economy and industry
  • Opportunities arising from emerging markets (India, Saudi Arabia) 

The first day of the summit began with an executive learning program. Participants had opportunities to hear Medtronic’s former CEO, Bill George, speak about leadership, Berkeley economics professor Barry Eichengreen speak about the state of globalization.  WYND’s Ray Wu discuss artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, and Misha Lukin, founder of QuEra, talk about quantum information and computing. During the afternoon, Fernweh’s CEO Nick Santhanam, delivered his keynote talk on “May we live in interesting times,” where he shared Ayna.AI’s research on opportunity for Industrial mid-sized companies to rise to prominence in the next decade by combining their low-risk profile with potential for high-returns. 

The second day brought a variety of perspectives on how the first day’s themes are playing out in the industrial sector. Participants heard about and discussed blockchain from Dan Boneh Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University; the Russia-Ukraine war from Neil Chatterjee, Former Commissioner of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC); and prospects for India as the next manufacturing hub from Ameya Prabhu, President, Indian Chamber of Commerce. In addition, Gaurav Batra, President & CEO of Ayna.AI brought to life the applications of data analytics in Industrial sector with real-world examples. 

About the G-49 Summit

G-49 is Fernweh Group’s invitation-only event that convenes prominent leaders and influencers from key sectors in the US to discuss critical topics shaping the economy and their companies. The 2023 summit took place September 28–29, 2023, at the Solage Resort in Calistoga, California.

About Fernweh Group LLC

Fernweh is an investment firm led by leaders from global institutions with prior experience working with companies in the industrial and industrial technology sectors on strategy, M&A, and operational transformation. Fernweh believes that the mid- and small-cap industrial and industrial technology sectors are the backbone of the economy and the engine for its growth. By combining management capability, operational and strategic transformation support, and capital for each company’s unique context, history, and needs, Fernweh aims to be a builder of businesses and create value for all stakeholders. Fernweh’s CEO co-authored the book on the industrial technology sector “Titanium Economy,” which has been on the WSJ best seller list. Learn more at fernweh.com.