Fernweh at Forbes Council
March 14, 2023

SAN JOSE, CA – Fernweh Group is proud to announce that its CEO, Nick Santhanam, has been inducted into the Forbes Council as a member. As a Forbes Council Member, Nick will have the opportunity to contribute his insights to the Forbes community of business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Nick also recently published an article in Forbes "The Titanium Economy: Misconceptions, Challenges, and Creating Value." In the article, Nick provides valuable insights into the themes explored in his recently published book, "Titanium Economy: How Industrial Technology Can Create a Better, Faster, Stronger America."

Nick's article discusses how the industrial sector is often underappreciated due to misconceptions about it being dirty, polluting, and low-skilled. The industrial sector is actually a crucial leader in the transition to a green economy, and it provides long-term economic growth, stability, and support for other sectors. The article also highlights refocus of secular trends on manufacturing advances and the importance of industrial sectors such as electrical infrastructure and aviation, in achieving a carbon-neutral economy. Advanced technology deployment in these areas require manufacturing expertise not found in software companies. Quantum computing and 5G can improve efficiency and reduce costs, disrupting the titanium economy further.

Finally, Nick also discusses the challenges faced by the domestic industrial base in the United States due to offshore competition and makes a call for action to maintain its position as a world manufacturing superpower. Investors can help by supporting companies in the industrial sector to identify what success looks like and create targets and measure results. Public policy changes, such as offering technical education and apprenticeships, could also help attract students to the industry. Investing in leading companies within micro-verticals could lead to increased national competitiveness and broader economic growth.

Fernweh Group is thrilled to see Nick's thought leadership recognized by Forbes, and we are excited to see the impact that his ideas will have on the industrial sector and related ecosystem. We look forward to Nick’s work as a Forbes Council Member in the future.