Avail Infrastructure Solutions acquires CPE facility to boost electrical product production and address utility capacity constraints.
May 23, 2023

HOUSTON, TX – Avail Infrastructure Solutions (“Avail”), a Fernweh Group portfolio company, announced today they have acquired critical assets from Custom Power Enclosures ("CPE") and WKB Investments to scale up production of their leading application-critical equipment, including custom switchgear, electrical enclosures, and high voltage and medium voltage bus duct systems. This acquisition will enable Avail to expand its switchgear and integrated switchgear enclosure manufacturing footprint to Houston and address the needs of utility customers across the United States who are dealing with a continued constrained supply chain environment.

Custom Power Enclosures LLC is a leading company specializing in the design, manufacturing, and installation of customized power enclosures for various industries. CPEs’ enclosures are engineered with precision – using, cutting-edge technology and top-quality materials to ensure optimal performance and reliability and has established a strong market presence gaining recognition for their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. From telecommunications networks to industrial facilities, their enclosures can be found worldwide protecting and housing electrical equipment with utmost efficiency.

Avail is making a material investment through the acquisition of this facility and will continue to invest as it ramps up production with the potential to create over 100 high-skilled job opportunities in the Houston region. Avail is looking to quickly hire 50+ skilled workers, including those who previously worked for CPE.

Nick Santhanam, CEO of Fernweh Group, noted, “We are delighted to continue to invest in the energy infrastructure space in general, and in Avail Infrastructure in particular. We are strong believers in the long-term leadership of US companies in this space.”

Bill Johnson, CEO of Avail Infrastructure Solutions, noted, “Our team at Avail is thrilled to be announcing this acquisition and the opening of this facility in Houston where we will look to produce our electrical enclosures and custom switchgear solutions. Through the ramp up of production at this facility, we will better serve the needs of our current and future utility customers,”

Chris Boehm, Chief Commercial Officer of Avail, further stated, “We continue to see significant unmet demand in the utilities market given robust levels of investment to support the national grid through government funding but offset by continued constrained supply chains. Our material investment demonstrates our intent to address the needs of our current customers, as well as other utility companies in the southwest region that are looking to acquire locally constructed, leading specialty electrical equipment.”

Avail Switchgear Solutions has an over a 50-year history of developing best-in-class, custom switchgear systems to meet each application’s most rigorous demands. The PowerAisle™ Switchgear line is designed and manufactured in North America to meet or exceed ANSI, IEEE, NEC, NEMA, and NFPA standards.  Avail Enclosure Systems is a leading manufacturer of durable, reliable, and modular packaged equipment centers. The RuggedSpec II™ Power Distribution Centers, Control Centers, and Custom Configurations are available in both standard and custom sizes and configurations.

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Avail Infrastructure Solutions is the global provider of application-critical equipment, highly engineered technologies, and specialized services to the power generation, transmission, distribution, and industrial markets. From fully integrated electrical enclosures and custom switchgear to medium- and high-voltage bus systems, our proven solutions meet the most exacting requirements for safe, reliable operation. Avail Infrastructure Solutions has over 1,750 employees and operates through a global network of 15 strategically located manufacturing facilities. Learn more at availinfra.com.