We have a proven methodology that includes Three (3) levels of value creation for Industrial Technology players “Three-level” methodology drives higher alpha

Level 1 – Accelerated Performance Transformation

  • Get to industry leading margin and cash generation within 24 months
  • Use technology and capability building to ensure sustainability
  • Use proceeds to pay down debt or build resilience

Target impact: 300+ bps margin, 200+ bps growth in 24 months

Level 2 – Upgrade Valuation Through Improved Governance

  • Strong correlation between oversight and valuation
  • Engage with other investors to create transparency on value-creation potential

Target impact: 1-2 additional turns in 36-48 months



Level 3 – Use The Company As An M&A Platform

  • Several dozen (smaller public, private) companies in the micro-vertical
  • Deploy further capital for M&A to either roll-up this space or to drive the operating improvements to these companies

Target impact: 100+ bps of ROIC improvement