As part of our Engaged Investor/Engaged Operator Model, we combine capital with IP, capabilities, domain expertise (industry & functional) in a tailored manner to create alpha. Key elements of Fernweh’s IP/expertise include:

Distinctive IP: Marquee industry convenors and knowledge experts

  • Convened industry leaders every year in more than 20+ events over the past decade – led two marquee annual events in Semiconductors (T-30) and Industrials sector (GILS).
  • Regularly published cutting-edge research on “topics that matter” to C-level leaders in these sub-sectors.

Diverse Backgrounds

  • Current and former leadership from multiple marquee institutions are represented on the team and advisors.
  • Expertise ranging from operations, strategy, growth, restructuring, and finance.

Extensive Rolodex and Ecosystem

  • Team has relationships with hundreds of executives across levels in the industrials space.

History of Impact

  • The core team has successfully driven over a dozen industrial and technology transformations.