At Fernweh, we tailor our engagement with partners based on their needs and lifecycle stage. This also ensures proprietary deal flow. We can either play lead investor role or drive alpha in other investors’ deals. Our time horizons are also flexible.

No/minimal capital deployed (initially)
Large pool of capital deployed


  • Drive transformation for cash (expenses) and equity / warrants for being an engaged operator
  • Capital (for equity) to fund M&A
  • Follow-on funds to build a platform
  • Structured as PIPE / public stake
  • Partner executes carve / spin out
  • Fernweh buys and transforms asset
  • Partner has option to buy back at a premium
  • Complete sale of business

Value Proposition For Partner

  • Brings world-class transformation capabilities
  • Involves minimal cash deployment
  • Aligns incentives – we make money when you do
  • Develops relationship-committed, well-capitalized, long-term investor
  • Brings M&A strategy and execution experience
  • Frees management bandwidth from non-core assets
  • Adds transformation capabilities that may not exist
  • Provides option to participate in upside from transformation
  • Frees management bandwidth from non-core assets
  • Generates cash